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About Us

Bringing the world to you

Studies have shown that the most successful companies, and the most successful individuals have one thing in common. They all use private aviation as a business tool. The most impactful benefit organizations realize while flying privately is the time saved by avoiding airport and
airline delays. Time lost or wasted can never be replaced. Time saved can be used to accomplish more in a given window of time than you might have otherwise.

Principal Jets was created to offer safe, flexible, and cost-effective private jet charter options to clients who expect superior quality whenever they fly privately.  Our emphasis on aviation safety is paramount and stems from the experiences of our Founder who spent many years ensuring the airworthiness of high-performance F-4 Phantom and F-16 Viper military fighter jets earlier in his career.

Principal Jets uses a consultative business model, which allows us to customize our client’s charters down to the smallest of details.  A preferred aircraft model or type, specific gourmet catering preferences, desired inflight entertainment options, and more, can all be customized to your liking.

Safety – Passenger safety is the most important aspect of our business.  Each FAR Part 135 aircraft option offered by Principal Jets will carry the prestigious ARGUS Safety Rating which helps to ensure our clients are flying aboard the safest airplanes and helicopters serving the aircraft charter industry.

Flexibility – Principal Jets understands that your travel requirements may vary.  So, we take pride in our ability to offer aircraft options of varying cabin sizes and performance capabilities to meet your specific requirements for each trip.  Whether your travel plans call for a Turboprop airplane to visit multiple small towns in the same region during campaign season, a heavy jet for international travel for your family, or anything in between, Principal Jets offers this flexibility as needed, without penalty to you.

Cost-Effective – At Principal Jets, unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge membership fees of any type.  We simply charge for the time that you fly, plus expenses directly related to your flights.  However, we will be formally rolling out our Jet Card Program in 2023 to make flying privately with Principal Jets even more convenient than it is currently.

We look forward to your next charter with Principal Jets.

Let’s Fly!